SCAVE 2.0 stopping the Startnext campaign

We needed a fresh start so we decided to stop our Startnext campaign.

During this time we learned a lot, though. In fact, we made the mistake of mentioning Covid-19 and were therefore not allowed to advertise for our website. 

The reason for this is that the crisis should not be used for advertising purposes and this is what made the crowdfunding campaign and marketing in social media channels impossible for us.

The good news:

We found a private sponsor who will prefinance the production by buying a bunch of SCAVES.

In the meantime, we also improved our SCAVE significantly, as you can see in the pictures. As already announced, it is now available in another color, Black. 

However, that's not all: The SCAVE can now be easily hung over the ears – if necessary – and thus keep its fixed position even longer.

But all the work is worthwhile. Therefore we are moving the sale of the SCAVES to our website, where you can buy your SCAVE from now on. The delivery currently takes 2 weeks and will be shipped by DHL GoGreen.

Psst ... we have also drastically dropped the prices! 

We thank you all for your support on Startnext.

Your printbiotop-Team

P.S.: Your loyalty will not go unrewarded: If you have supported us on Startnext, please send us a mail to printbiotopteam@gmailcom and you will be the first ones to receive your order.