SCAVE – the sustainable alternative to single-use face masks

Covid-19 changed the whole world and we had to rethink our original concept of making fashionable eco-clean products available to everyone. The whole society is currently in a state of change and the desire to cover mouth and nose in public is paramount. 

Many feel uncomfortable with a classic mask in front of their face, sometimes they are looked at in a funny way or react with strong criticism. We agree that classic protective masks should only be used when medically necessary. Therefore, we should look for alternatives to mouth and nose protection for private use.

We put our heads together and developed a completely new product: SCAVE by printbiotop.

The SCAVE protects the mouth and nose area and is characterized by a design based on the facial traits. Our product is available in several colors and can be combined perfectly with different outfits. 

The original idea for printbiotop was born in summer 2019 – with the vision of doing something good for the environment. Ecologically produced t-shirts with an eco-print and the disclosure of the entire supply chain were the main focus. Our planet is still in danger so a conscious use of resources and the environment is still a matter close to our hearts.

Based on this vision we developed the SCAVE. The materials used have been carefully selected, are ecologically sustainable and contain no harmful substances. 

We know how limited the availability of genuine protective wear is at the moment and we want to actively help out of the misery. Our clothes will not protect you from the coronavirus, but you can help to slow down its spread. The fabrics come from European manufacturers and are sewn and shipped by hand to keep the production chain as short as possible.

We want to keep on helping and are always there for you! Especially in these times it is important to stick together as a society and fight for our world.