#scavetheworld update 3.0

Hey there everyone! We’re back with a fresh start!

During the last few weeks there were a lot of changes and a lot happened so we decided to update you with this post. First of all, as you might have noticed we are not focussing on the German market only anymore and keep our blog as well as our website and blog in English from now on. Also, we built a completely new webshop and started over with a new Instagram account @scavetheworld to focus on the SCAVE. 

Our vision is to empower more and more people to get rid of all the single-use face masks to reduce all the waste they generate in our environment. We want to make more out of the SCAVE than it just being a face mask. Our SCAVE is supposed to be worn on a daily basis as a smart accessoire that matches every outfit and situation. Wear it at work, in a plane or at a wedding. While you wear it, protect others by not spreading your germs, smart, isn’t it?

We have a clear vision for the future and soon want to offer even more sustainable products in our shop. Clothes with integrated power banks, reflective seams, travel protection, waterproof materials and more – we won’t run out of ideas anytime soon!

Besides, we want to start cooporations with great designers and influencers to be the first sustainable brand for functional clothing!

We want to contribute to a greener future and #scavetheworld! By purchasing a SCAVE you can be a part of it – so what are you waiting for? Shop now

Let us know in the comments what you think about our vision or how you contribute to a greener future! #bettertogether