What is it that makes the SCAVE so special? The true benefits!

The production of the SCAVE is based on our principles - the disclosure of the entire supply chain and a conscientious use of resources to respect the environment. 

All materials used for the SCAVE have been carefully selected, are ecologically sustainable and do not contain any substances that are harmful to health. We only use GOTS-certified chambray fabrics, made from 100% organic cotton and certified by CERES-076. The fabrics are supplied by regional producers and are sewn and shipped by hand in Europe to keep the production chain as short as possible.

Our choice of fabrics allows the SCAVE to be washed at 60°C, making it reusable. It looks smart and is therefore suitable for daily use. By simply putting it on and taking it off, it clearly stands out from conventional face masks, because the SCAVE looks just as cool when you simply tie it around your neck. 

The SCAVE has three layers of fabric in the mouth and nose area, which makes it less permeable and does not get wet as quickly as other masks. It offers increased protection while avoiding a medical product design – because protecting others does not mean to look bad!

The SCAVE is available in three colors as seen in the picture. We thought about the naming of the colors at least as much as we did about the product design. Due to our closeness to nature, the colors are based on nature and the four elements. The element air is reflected by the color "Breeze" and refers to a light breeze of air. The color "Rust" at the same time stands for the two elements fire and water. The fourth element, earth, is represented by the color "Sprout" and stands for growing plants sprouting from the ground.